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Social Entrepreneur|Speaker
Consultant | Activist

Jenk is a London based social entrepreneur, public speaker and social change activist, as well as the Founder & CEO of Thred Media, a 100% social change focused enterprise that specialises in Publishing, Consulting and Production aimed at Generation Z. Jenk is a member of the Google Z-Council, Oracle for Startups, Microsoft Surface young entrepreneur team and The Knowledge Society.

"If we are to achieve lasting impact through our efforts, then this generation must parse the sometimes un-focused energy of digital media and combine it with longstanding principles for building and sustaining social campaigns.

As someone 15 years younger than the internet, its universal influence has

directly shaped the way that I and others born into the online generation

engage with social change. For some like me, it makes activism without

the ability to connect using social media completely unimaginable.


Use your media to grow awareness.

Use your voice to bring attention.

Use your privilege to drive purpose.

And use your time on this planet to
create positive social change at scale."

     TEDxTalk by Jenk Oz- 'Can a 'like' change the world', 2021

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