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The Back Story

At the age of 8-years-old, Jenk suggested an idea to his parents about sharing all the extra-curricular activities he was taking part in every week, as well as the shows & performances he was going to see, with his classmates so they could join in the fun. Soon after that, Jenk presented that same idea at a Show & Tell during school general assembly. What started as a simple email to his classmates about the latest in fun things to do, extreme sport, sneakers, gaming, music and much more, was soon being shared across wider communities and schools by both parents and peers.

Microsoft Surface 3 

Oracle for Startups 

First Company- iCoolKid

This concept led him to further develop and later build out the idea of iCoolKid Ltd. Launched in early 2017, the business was a one-stop Digital Publishing, Media, and Production company producing original content aimed at young people (8-13), and the story of how Jenk Oz become the UK’s youngest CEO. 

The site did not focus on daily news, sports updates or celebrity gossip but rather on curating and developing original, on-brand content. iCoolKid’s goals were to disseminate engaging, trending, edgy content to a global audience of young people; all the while, keeping them safe and inspired. iCoolKid acted as a motivating force which encouraged ‘Generation Z’ to pursue their passions at every turn. 

The website has won four W3 Awards, an International Davey Award, the Amazon AWS Accelerator Award 2017, and has been a finalist in the Kids Screen Awards and Little London Award.


Steven Bartlett's office- Steven and Jenk, March 2022

Second Company- Thred Media

Why the transformation from iCoolKid to Thred Media?

'Along the way, young people started to reach out and share their real-life personal situations with me. At first, it was a couple of messages a week and then grew over the next two years to multiple messages a day. Each one that I read, gave me a better and more realistic understanding of what other Gen Zers were going through from all four corners of the planet. 

It also made me realise that I was naively unaware of the plight of the very Gen Z community I was supposed to be representing. Whether it was gay teenagers in Russia who were feeling suicidal because they were unable to come out to their parents, young girls using litter from garbage bins as feminine hygiene products, or very young teens digging out trenches near their schools in order to get clean water. The topics spanned the spectrum of social change issues, things I was so unaware of, having grown up in a safe, clean, and progressive household.  

After hearing hundreds of heartfelt stories, each one more poignant than the next; I started to think a lot more about how I wanted to use my website and what the longer-term goals should be. I wanted it to strive for greater levels of education, ultimately leading to actionable steps and change at scale.'

In 2019, Jenk embarked on a new journey that involved 4 steps:

Renaming iCoolKid to Thred- the name Thred was chosen because there was a thread of continuity that connected all the stories Jenk was hearing. The thread was the need for change.

Refocusing the content to 100% social change, not just part, but the entire site.

Repositioning the demographic, moving from 8-13-year-olds, upward to 16-24+.

Restructuring the company to include Consulting services alongside the publishing vertical so we could speak with companies, give them real-time insights and get their buy-in on our movement and better understand Gen Z beliefs and behaviours.



Thred Website
July 2020, Jenk hard launched – a whole new website that was 100% social change focused and available in 17 languages - 89% of Gen Z live in emerging and developing countries. A place where they can learn and share the latest trending social change topics while engaging in dialogue about the issues that are relevant and important to their generation.

Thred's goal is to inform, inspire and impact the most amount of like-minded people to take action locally in order to affect global change at scale. We hope Thred will be a positive and unifying force that will galvanise social spirit by supporting & integrating with the Gen Z movements globally. 

In addition to the editors and in house writers, Thred is building out a global eco-system of young journalists and activists that want to share their journeys. These remote writers focus on news and social justice with a refreshingly authentic and transparent 'on the scene' reporting style. Empowering young activists & writers by giving them a platform to voice the Gen Z movement is at the centre of our company.

In January 2023, website launched the commercial side of the business. Thred Media consulting combines insights and expertise from our far-reaching network of Gen Z influencers, activists, entrepreneurs and social media communities. This enables Thred Media to deliver the most targeted real-time data, up to date trends analysis and a genuine approach for engaging and harnessing share of mind of this game-changing generation. 

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Thred office- Production & Design meeting, March 2022

Three main pillars triangulate to form Thred Media:

Thred Publishing

The central tenet is the 100% social change-focused website, where we house daily coverage and analysis on all aspects of social change. The content on the website spans the spectrum from online education to offline activism. Think of online activism as news, raising awareness, signing petitions, grants, scholarships, olympiads, and fundraising through to offline actionable initiatives such as field projects, protests, volunteering, leading social change organisations and pushing for ‘social change’ policy advocacy at government levels.

The website is available in 17 languages, reaches people in 220+ countries and territories, and articles are re

Thred Community

Thred has 200k+ followers across all our social media channels- plus an amazing group of Ambassadors, Interns, Remote Writers and Discord members as part of their extended Thred team, The Global Change Maker Network.

Thred Consulting

We combine our consulting expertise with real-time insights from our far-reaching network of Gen Z influencers, activists, entrepreneurs and social media communities. This enables us to deliver the most targeted and genuine approach for companies looking to gain share of mind- ultimately leading to share of wallet- from Gen Z consumers.

Selection of Client Briefs: Coke, Ogilvy, Edelman, Microsoft, Google, Snapchat, Ford, Lego, United Nations, Epic Games, Global Citizen, Dunkin, Enterprise, Universal Music Group, Talenthouse.

Selection of Media Partners: Global Citizen, Earth Day, Force of Nature, BeMe Health, Climate Science, Bite Back 2030, Youthtopia, Prospect 100, Youthify, Let's Localise, SoundMind, Ivy House, Youth Climate Data Base, CSRN, The Princes Trust and University of Oxford- Saiid Business School.

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Amazon AWS Summit London- Interviewing Amazon CTO, Dr Werner Vogels

'Ideas Ink.' Workshops

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'Ideas Ink.' Workshops

KidPreneur Conference, UK

Based off his original TED Talk, Jenk teaches one hour classes on how to start a business and think through the first 30 days. He covers everything from idea generation, conception, design, logos and trade marks through to writing business plans.

Please contact us should you wish to hire Jenk for an 'Ideas Ink.' Workshop for your event, school or conference. Contact

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