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Jenk is extremely passionate about music and music production. This led him to take up several musical instruments and dive into the area of DJing at an early age. Having spent his life in a household full of music and having attended over 140 concerts and musical theatre productions; Jenk has acquired a vast and varied level of music knowledge that he brings to his DJing experience. 

Recent Public Events


Ton of Brix, London
April 26th 2024

Come and join me for a night of house music in Brixton- Redemption x Pub Club. 


Fishies Oxford

March 20th 2024

The O2-Oxford plays host to the biggest night of the week!


Redemption X Brixton Jam DJ Night
July 17th 2023

Post A-level exam party that will raise the roof and help everyone get into the summer mood. It's ure to be great fun!


B-Club London
April 25th 2024

Come and join me for a night of house music in Chelsea, London club!

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Fever Mondays
Logic Exeter
March 18th 2024

The biggest night in Exeter brings back the Katy Perry Tribute Night!


Summer Party
June 27th 2023

Loads of summer jams to welcome in a well-deserved break and celebrate final exams.


Embargoth London
March 27th 2024

Best night of the week, the big WNE in Cheslea, London!


Newbury Races
The Spring Races Day Party March 2nd 2024

The Spring Races Day Party is the best day for young people- amazing experience!


Action + Impact!
Sep 25 & 26th

Everyone celebrates the thought leader. But thoughts alone won't solve the world's biggest challenges. 

Recent Public Events For Charity


April 2020- 2024, The Electric Ball
The Electric Ball has been running since 2014 and raises money to support the NSPCC's Childline. Run by a dedicated team of volunteers, we aim to make The Electric Ball a fun and exciting way for teens to meet up with their friends and raise money for this fantastic cause at the same time. The Electric Ball has raised over £500,000 for the NSPCC.

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UK Youth Awards- Inspiring Hope
We came together to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of young people and youth organisations, and to recognize some incredible supporters – a much-needed blast of joy. 

It was a fun-packed night, hosted by Kiss FM presenter Swarzy Macaly, with some fantastically talented young people providing entertainment, and even an address from our patron, HRH The Princess Royal. 


British Run From Home Festival
Please join us on June 7th, 2020, for the British Run From Home Festival. I'll be DJing the run LIVE for runners from all over the country. A great day of DJs and a run to raise money for 5 great charities: Cancer Research UK, Black Lives Matter, Menigitis Research Foundation, Access Sports UK and NHS Heroes.

Go to Facebook now and sign up to help a collective of great causes. DJ Jenk performing during the actual 5k run.

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April, 2022- The Electric Ball
The Electric Ball has been running since 2014 and raises money to support the NSPCC's Childline. Run by a dedicated team of volunteers, we aim to make The Electric Ball a fun and exciting way for teens to meet up with their friends and raise money for this fantastic cause at the same time. As of 2021, The Electric Ball has raised over £260,000 for the NSPCC.


One Young World Summit
The annual One Young World Summit convenes the brightest young talent from every country and sector, working to accelerate social impact. Delegates from 190+ countries are counselled by influential political, business and humanitarian leaders.

Delegates participate in four transformative days of speeches, panels, networking and workshops. All delegates have the opportunity to apply to give keynote speeches, sharing a platform with world leaders with the world’s media in attendance. 


Denim and Diamonds Festival
Thank you for supporting us on September 29th for such a great day of DJs, fashion shows, bands and much more. We were all there to support educational projects for disadvantaged children in the UK, Latin America and Haiti. NPH Charity does a fantastic job with its outreach projects for families. The Prince, London provided the perfect backdrop for the day. 

Great Cause, Great Day. Thank you for joining.

Private Parties

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Prospect 100 Corporate Event, UK 
The Ham Yard Hotel- London, UK
The Arts Club- London, UK
The Inner 13 & Mason Newman Press Party
Fashion Collab Launch- London, UK
21st Birthday Party- London, UK
20th Birthday Party- London, UK
New Year's Eve Party- London, UK

Dance Party- Courchevel, France

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O2 Academy Oxford, 2024

DJ Hire
General Considerations

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DJ Services

Package Hire

Available to DJ for parties, events, conferences. Able to attend both local, UK wide and International destinations. Packages can include sound, lighting and effects where needed.

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Music Choices

Style & Type

Significant amount of prep time will be committed to getting the flow of the evening, types of songs and overall vibe understood so as not to disappoint come the day of the event. Additional music can be purchased for specialised parties.

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Equipment Hire

Space & Needs

Equipment hire specifics have been detailed below but it will be very important to understand the size of the room, maximum noise levels, expected number of people, adjoining rooms that may want low levels of music and lastly, whether you need lighting and effects such as mirror balls, strobes, and dry ice/smoke machines.


Signed Agreement

Legal Document & Rider

We will provide a service agreement and an event specific rider for you to review and sign that summarises the details of the event you wish to have.

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Event & Hourly Rates

Domestic prices start at £500 for 4 hours and £100 every extra hour plus transportation. Excessive set-up/take-down  and administrative time is billed out at £50. Additional personnel & specialist hires are billed out separately. 

BeFunky-collage (48).jpg

Dates, Times, Set-Up

Details & Execution

Please make sure to specify dates for the event as well as when you would like the set-up/take-down to take place. Additionally, any specifications for loading/unloading heavy equipment.

images (3).png

Lighting Hire

Atmosphere & Theme

We are able to cater to specific themes for lighting and additional atmospheric props in order to recreate an experience that is in keeping with the theme of the event.

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Payment Terms

Schedule & Methods

Generally structured as 25% initial deposit, 25% on the set-up day and the balance of 50% is paid 48 hours post event. We will be able to customise the payment schedule should lighting, effects, extra personnel etc...need a different payment schedule in order to formally commit to the event. Payment methods: cash, pay-pal and bank transfer.

DJ Hire
Equipment Considerations

BeFunky-collage (58).jpg

Pioneer CDJ x2

Preference 2000/3000 series

A CDJ is a specialized digital music player for DJing. Originally designed to play music from compact discs, many CDJs can play digital music files stored on USB flash drives or SD cards. In typical use, at least two CDJs are plugged into a DJ mixer.

preview (1).jpg

Active PA Speakers x2-x4

Mackie, JBL, Yamaha, QSC EV, RCF, The Box Pro

Suggested for house parties, must be larger for bigger spaces and more people.

Power: 500 W Rms, 1000 W Peak

Frequency Range: 50 Hz - 23 kHz

preview (2).jpg

Speakers Stands x2-x4

Mackie, JBL, Yamaha, QSC EV, RCF, The Box Pro

Speakers stands are pretty generic and function all the same way. Just make sure you have enough of them and they are sturdy enough to support the size and weigh of the speakers you chose. The bigger the speakers, the better quality the stands needed.

BeFunky-collage (55).jpg

Microphone- Making speeches

Most types work fine

If there is a chance that speeches are going to be made or you would like the DJ to liven up the atmosphere, then you should consider getting a separate microphone as well.

preview (4).jpg

Lighting, Effects & Mirror Balls


Lighting, mirror balls, smoke machine, dry ice etc...all need extra power sources and a lot more space. Consider the space you have for the event and the portion dedicated to the dance floor as you won't want to clutter it up with a lot of extra equipment for effects.


Laptops & Headphones supplied

DJ Responsible

Laptops & Headphones will be provided by the DJ and will not need to be rented or supplied in anyway as specific software will have been loaded on to them.

BeFunky-collage (57).jpg

Pioneer DJM x1

Preference 900 series

DJM is a range of DJ mixers made by Pioneer Electronics. Key feature for Pioneer is the BPM tempo synchronised sound effects section and VU meter for each channel.


Desk Top Monitor Speakers x1

Compact Size

These are small/compact  DJ monitors rather than speakers. They are placed in the DJ booth on/near the DJ table.


Assortement of Cables

Varies with equipment

Power cables and connector cables will always be provided when renting equipment but remember to ask for extra cables to plug in microphones, laptops and lighting. Laptops will most likely be Apple but not always, check ahead. 


Power Bars & Extension Cords


Need a few of these and the power cords will need to be long enough to reach the furthest distance of the speaker stands. Additionally, one of these under the DJ booth to accomate power to the monitors and DJ decks, mixer,  two laptops.


DJ Table- Support Equipement

Sturdy Table

Make sure the work surface of the table is wide enough to fit three large pieces of equipment side by side plus two monitors. Custom tables are not needed if you already have a large table otherwise a table can be hired similar tot he one above.


Delivery & Pick-Up Scheduling

Hire Company

Consideration will need to be given to whether the hire company can delivery and pick up equipment, several do not. If not, we can make alternate arrangements to make it all happen on time.

Please contact us should you wish to hire Jenk for your next private event, school celebration, charity event or conference. Contact

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