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Jenk and the team at Thred Media feel very fortunate to be working with several world-class corporations, brands, and research organizations in addition to consulting & advertising agencies. Jenk's goal is to help them better understand how Gen Z behaves, what they believe, and their ever-changing consumer habits. In addition, Jenk gives them insights into how they create and consume content.

Latest Consulting Articles

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2022 has been a tumultuous year for Gen Z. Not only has the cohort been hard-pressed to readjust to life post-pandemic, but as a demographic with social change at the core of what it stands for, the ever-worsening state of the environment, a world war, and cost of living crisis have contributed to rising levels of discontent that are shaping Gen Z. link

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Opt In, Opt Out Expert Outlook 2022 by Canvas 8. Jenk was one of the insight contributors to the research report and featured as one of three invited experts on the live client webinar to discuss the research report. link

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Olivia Rodrigo and her deeply personal music have become a talisman of authentic storytelling for Gen Zers. The ubiquity of her music on social platforms points to a digital-first, proudly vulnerable type of confessional teen angst, signaling how Gen Zers create culture. link 

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Gen Z will comprise 32% of the global population and make up 40% of all consumers, with a global direct spend closing in on $200 billion. However, this is not the full extent of Gen Z’s financial impact. Their soft influence is said to be 14 times that of their direct spend, therefore totalling close to $4 trillion a year globally.  link

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The youngest in society have a different view of how to bring about change through protests. Business leaders should understand why – and take note of the implications this may have going forward across many industries. link

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Leading the way in Gen Z engagement, teen entrepreneur Jenk Oz, founder and CEO of Thred/iCoolKid, shares his views on why retailers need to nail their influencer marketing strategy to give Gen Z a reason to belong rather than buy through targeted influencer marketing. link

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Gen Z comprises 32% of the globe - the largest generation ever and they will make up 40% of all consumers, with a global direct spend closing in on $200 billion. Reports have indicated that 93 % of parents believe their Gen Z children have a significant influence over household spending- soft influence is 14x that of their direct spend, totalling ~$3 trillion a year globally. link

Latest Gen Z Research & Creative Work

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Example Case Studies


Member of the Google Gen Z Council - a research project group that meets twice weekly to discuss and drive forward technology initiatives and product development strategies with future generations in mind. Additionally, Jenk is part of the recruiting team that identifies Gen Z candidates for the project. 


Worked alongside Talenthouse to research/poll Gen Z about their views and use of Snapchat Cameo stickers. Additional research was done to identify new themes and creative strategies for upcoming rollouts of new stickers and how they could become more culturally relevant. 


Working as an Influencer for Microsoft Surface products and a member of their young entrepreneur group that promotes the use of the products. Have been part of many creative briefs and short videos around the topic of entrepreneurship and product use. 

Universal Music Group

Worked with six separate artists and groups from Universal Music Group via the Talenthouse team to establish competitions, creative briefs and graphic designs used to attract and engage Gen Z creatives to enter the briefs. 


Research led project that delved into the mobility habits of Gen Z from trucks down to electric scooters, including the purchase, rental and sharing aspects of the latest mobility trends.


Research-based project to better understand Gen Z beliefs, behaviours and consuming habits as it pertains to large and small social media platforms. 


Research-based projects and Google Gen Z Council work highlight the many projects we have worked on with Canvas8. From articles about Gen Z's preferred music artists to future casting the coming transformational forces Gen Z will be driving in Outlook 2022.

Global Citizen

Researched, strategised and presented ideas for Global Citizen to attract and retain Gen Z readers, subscribers and donors. Additionally, provided strategies to enhance social media engagement and lastly, enter into a full time partnership agreement for the sharing of content and assets. 


Worked with Ford's electric car division, D-Ford, to help them better understand, engage and strategise around Gen Z beliefs, behaviours and consumer habits. We led a series of live workshops in their offices that involved current employees in the discussions & overall learning process. 

Voxi- Vodafone

Worked alongside Ogilvy, LDN team to research and identify Gen Z trends, mobile phone use trends and cultural trends that make up the transformational forces affecting phone use by teens and young adults including advertising strategies. 


Campaign to find the first-ever US-based Lego Creative Director. We ran a video-based competition to identify candidates that could be suitable for the role and marketed the briefs to build awareness and submissions around the brief. 


Worked for several months alongside Ogiilvu, NYC on several aspects of the creative pitch for the Dunkin brand. Including research on Gen Z consumer habits, quick service restaurant trend analysis and promotional strategies.


Work with Talenthouse daily on their creative and social media strategies to engage younger audiences, especially focused on Gen Z and how they engage with media and creative briefs. 


Environment focused creative brief that asked participants to enter a competition that showed their ideas for a cleaner, healthier world going forward.

United Nations

Post covid United Nations Verified creative brief entitled #onlytogether. It involved creatives submitting photos, sketches, short videos etc...to let the world know what they were going to do as soon as the pandemic was over and they were able to visit family again.


Presented research-based ideas about the leading transformational forces affecting how Gen Z consumes products across all sectors. The research centred around the beliefs, behaviours and actions of Gen Z that are anchored around ethics and sustainability.

Books & Reports

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Gen Z Snapshot

Canvas8 Report

A snapshot of Gen Z and how they are coping with the cost of living crisis and the economic downturn. link

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The Gen Z Frequency

Book, Kogan Page

'Best Gen Z book on the market- How brands tune in & build credibility'. Gregg Witt & Derek Baird. Check out Page 32 for a feature on Jenk. link

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Generational Snapshot of Gen Z

Canvas8 Report

Overview of  Gen Z and their beliefs, behaviours and consumerism. Jenk is quoted throughout the report. link


Who is Gen Z?

Engage Youth Report

Overview of  Gen Z and young influencers impacting the world. Check out Page 19 for a feature on Jenk. link

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Opt In Opt Out

Canvas8 Report

Jenk appears in this report several times having shared his expert outlook for 2022 and appeared on the LIVE webinar to discuss the report. link


Gen Z Entertainment

Vivendi Report

Jenk appears in this Vivendi research report on all things Gen Z & Entertainm[ent, see Page 17


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Youth Led Agenda
For Responsible Tech

Omidyar Report

A Youth-Led Agenda for the Responsible Tech Movement


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